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operates since 1997 from the Jerusalem Hotel (Nablus Road, a three-minute walk from Damascus Gate or the American Colony Hotel respectively). It offers the interested traveler a unique experience to get to know Palestinian people and places and gain a better understanding of the politics and hardships Palestinians are exposed to in their daily lives.

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Alternative Tours & Transportation

Our political tours safely take you to sites in and around Jerusalem as well as further into the West Bank (e.g., Hebron, Jericho, Nablus, and Qalqilya). The tours provide information about the situation on the ground and facilitate encounters with local people and institutions. Other, more touristic tours we offer include: Bethlehem, Dead Sea (Masada, Ein Gedi, Qumran, Dead Sea, and Nazareth-Tiberias-Sea of Galilee).

What Customers Say

  • “Beautiful Palestinian History”

    This hotel is an absolute gem. The garden restaurant is a lovely place to sit and relax after a hectic day or trip in from elsewhere. The gentleman who runs the hotel is accomodating, kind, and very attentive. The rooms are magical- gives you a sense of the old, stone, traditional Palestinian homes that would have been there for hundreds of years. We didn't know abotu the Political tours that are posted in the restaurant in time to enjoy one, but it is a good alternative way to see the city and even locations farther afield. My father has been living in the West Bank for a year, and this is his favorite place in the city. Stay here, you'll be happy you did.
  • “Best thing was the Political Tour of Jerusalem”

    We went on a political tour of Jerusalem with Abu Hassan - it was exceptional and therefore highly recommended. His tour company - Alternative Tours organises tours which leave from the hotel. It is easy to come to Jerusalem and just see the usual touristed places. However it is great to hear the other side of the story and visit towns in the West Bank like Ramallah. Abu Hassan was very informative and his tour was great value. Full marks to the hotel for being so accommodating AND the tour made our stay in Jerusalem special.
  • A must to do: alternative tours to see the reality!

    "Alternative tours" propose political and cultural tours in Jerusalem and Palestinian territories (affordable price compared to others/small groups). Abuhassan is fully aware of the situation. They provide clear explanations of the situation and will open your eyes and your mind on the situation and real life of people living there. You will see how the "separation wall" is an excuse to separate palestinian areas and take more lands from Palestinian. You can visit Israel only without seeing anything from this crual reality. That is why everyone who go there must do this tour, at least to see both sides...

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